Lake House Spa
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Special Anti-aging Facials
Beautiful Image Microcurrent
Microcurrent mimicks & recharges the bodies natural electrical current stimulating collagen, elastin and the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate which fuels all cellular processes. This state-of -the machine firms, lifts, plumps, hydrates and tightens skin. Repairing skin from the inside out, it is considered a safe alternative to facelifts. Another astonishing effect is  that the production of beneficial brain hormones enhances overall health and well being . Many claim it ​also assists with menopause isssues!          
                                                                              1 hour treatment     90.00
Hot Rocks Back Facial
Steam with hots rocks, extraction, exfoliation,
mask and massage.                    30 min        30.00
Green Bamboo Back Facial
Steam with hots rocks, extraction, exfoliation,
mask and green bamboo massage.   40 min 40.00
Electric Reiki Treatment
Science and Reiki combine for the ultimate healing of mind, body and soul.  As we age our bodies natural electric current diminishes. Microcurrent recharges this natural  current. 
Cleanse and rejuvenate your aura.  Feel and look younger!
                                                                              1 hour treatment    90.00
Glow Express Facial
Steam, extract, exfoliate, accupressure facial massage. Spot high frequency treatment for breakouts.  A choice
of delicious masks to leave your skin refreashed and glowing.                                                     30 min        30.00
(add 15min. LED 10.00)
The Collagen Express Facial
Steam, cleanse, high frequency collagen stimulating treatment,  and galvanic ionophorisis (a favorite treatment of Sofia Loren)  -
 this  rich infusion of anti-aging antioxidents penetratrates deeply into the skin for an instantly visible plumping  and firming affect.   Finish with a LED photofacial.                                     45 min          50.00                                                                                       
Healing Reiki Treatment
Aromatheraphy, crystals and bells. A healing treatment for mind body and soul.  Take a 'soulcation' from the stresses of daily life. Heal and unwind.   40 min  50.00

Healing Attunement W/ Reiki Treatment
A Reiki Healing Tunement is given before the Reiki Treatment. This creates a enchanced healing experience.
Beneficial when deep healing is needed or the guest would like to set intentions for an important goal.
​                                                                           1 hour  125.00

Over The Moon 
Steam, cleanse. Aromatheraphy accupressure  facial massage with lymphatic drainage. Reiki treatment with bells and crystals. Wonderful before or after surgery or and those dealing with the stress of illness or a broken heart. Great gift for someone special!    50 min  75.00
20 minutes   -     15.00
40 minutes   -     30.00
60 minutes   -     40.00  

LED Photofacial
Red - collagen stimulating (rosacea)
Yellow - healing, scarring   (rocacea)
Green - sun damage
Blue - acne         
or combo of all lights